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Carter’s Critters: Nanuq (Nanook)

Nanuq (Nanook)

Nanuq (Nanook) is available for adoption today at the City/County Animal Shelter. (Photo: Petfinder)

Meet Nanuq (Nanook)

Nanuq is an older guy who loves a quiet life, according to shelter staffers via Petfinder, who say this lovable Alaskan Malamute mix is friendly, gentle, and affectionate.

“He’s a lover,” a staffer said, but Nanuq is picky about his dog friends, though, and is described as “a bit on the timid side.”

When he arrived at the shelter he was full of burs, so he was treated to a spa day.

Nanuq will need a fenced yard as he was first seen for several weeks roaming around the neighborhood before being brought to the shelter safely.

This handsome boy is sure to bring so much love into your home, the staffer said.

To learn more about Nanuq and other adoptable pets nearby, contact the City/County Animal Shelter or visit their Petfinder page.

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