Lakeway Road project completed as promised

The Lakeway Road and Highway 59/Douglas Highway intersection is free from orange barrels for the first time since March. The project was completed by DRM, Inc. on Friday, Oct. 29, a week ahead of schedule. (RJ Morgan/County 17)

Officials with DRM, Inc. promised the Lakeway Road improvements would be complete by the beginning of November. The local general contractor that specializes in road and side work delivered as promised a couple days ahead of schedule.

The project was completed Friday, Oct. 29, when crews removed every orange barrel between Highway 59/Douglas Highway to 4-J Road. The speed limit is back to 30 miles per hour and there is full access to all businesses just in time for the holidays.

“We can’t thank everyone enough for their patience in all this,” said new city Communications Manager Jennifer Toscana. “The businesses especially for their patience, as well as the citizens for their patience with travel and everyone who had a role in the project being completed on time.”

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Toscana said a ribbon cutting will be held to recognize the competition of the $7.16 million project that was funded from money obtained through the Optional One Percent sales tax, known locally as Penny Power. The city uses its share of the tax for such things as drainage improvements, fishing lake improvements, wastewater facility, parks and pathways, to name a few.

The Lakeway Road project was extensive and only faced one major weather stoppage a few weeks ago when Gillette was hit with 13.8 inches of snow. Before that, DRM, Inc. stripped the roadway to its core, replaced sewer lines and replaced asphalt with concrete which has a longer lifespan, thus saving the city money in the long run.

The eight-month project was completed in seven phases. The final phase last week included replacing all concrete along the sidewalks, replace landscaping on the south side of Lakeway Road, replacing lining to sewer manholes, hydroseed disturbed lawn areas, clean up and final punch-list items.

The Lakeway Road project was completed by DRM Inc., in seven phases. On Friday, the crews removed all orange barrels and opened the roadway for normal traffic and restored the speed limit. (DRM, Inc. graphic)