Commissioners rescind open burn ban

Camp fire stock photo

At its regular Tuesday meeting, the Campbell County Board of Commissioners rescinded – effective immediately – the open burn restriction that has applied to all non-federal lands in the county since Aug. 3 (what is commonly referred to as the “burn ban”). Restrictions on open burning have been in effect since an initial resolution June 15.

Dale Izatt from the Campbell County Fire Department (CCFD) noted that both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service have also lifted their open burn bans, leaving in place only their regular bans on fireworks and requirements for spark arrestors and other related equipment.

Izatt also noted that open burning restrictions have been lifted in the surrounding counties too.

The board of commissioners had a discussion of looking into a process to delegate authority to the CCFD to remove bans without action from the commission in the future. Commissioners said the goal is in the future to provide more flexibility as weather changes conditions on the ground.