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Campbell County Fire Department needs your help with snow

At left, Campbell County Fire Department asks all residents and businesses to remove snow within 3 feet of nearby fire hydrants for safety precautions. At right, captain Sam Shafer is knee deep shoveling snow Wednesday morning. (Photos courtesy of Campbell County Fire Department)

The Campbell County Fire Department (CCFD) is asking all residents and businesses for their assistance in dealing with the accumulated and blowing snow.

Residents and business that have a fire hydrant near their residence or place of business are asked to clear the surrounding snow at least 3 feet in all directions. Past accumulation has created problems after major winter storms.

CCFD staff said having fire hydrants clear of snow in an emergency can save them critical minutes. Those minutes could mean the difference between life or death.

Firefighter George White works on removing snow around the Wright Fire Department. (Photo courtesy of the Campbell County Fire Department)