Fasten your seatbelts: Wings & Wheels Show Saturday at Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport

The first-ever Wings & Wheels event will be Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport.

Ever wanted to see an airport from a view other than through a window or gate? Well, there will be a chance this weekend for an up close and personal experience at our hometown airport from an outside perspective.

The Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport is having its long-awaited rebranding celebration with a Wings & Wheels Show and Open House. It’s the first one to be held locally and will be an annual event from here on out.

The airport staff invites everyone from Gillette and the surrounding area to stop by and enjoy the sights and rides. The open house is free and organizers promise there will be some of the coolest planes, cars and motorcycle exhibitors.

The event has been in the works since last winter. However, it’s no secret that the last 18 months have been hectic for everyone, including the airport. But the time to show of our rebranded airport has arrived so fasten your seatbelts for a fun event Saturday, Sept. 25, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

“We rebranded our airport as a regional airport,” said Tod Love, director of airport operations. “We kind of got hit with a bunch of things and haven’t been able to really do a celebration of our new name. And then Covid-19 hit and that ended our plan of doing this last year.”

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Early last year the decision was made to change the name from Gillette-Campbell County Airport to something that better encompassed the entire corner of the state. That’s when Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport was born.

This will be a glorified open house for our hometown airport. The best part is that it won’t be inside where most travelers have seen, but outside where the airplanes come and go.

“With our rebranding we wanted to have an open house to get the community out here actually on the terminals and see what we have from a different perspective,” Love said. “We decided to wait until all the summer events and things people have going on were over so we thought in fall would be the best time. We hope to see a lot of people Saturday.”

The one thing that will not be on display is the aircraft used to make the daily flights because it will be on its normal schedule. However, there will be plenty of wings and wheels to see.

“It’s hard to have an airshow because all the FAA requirements for flying events. So, for the first year, we want to make it an airplane, car and motorcycle show. Pretty much everything that flies or has wheels,” Love said. “We want to show off our local aircrafts in our hangers here that our people in Gillette use for their travels. Of course there will be some planes flying in and our like every day and everyone will get to see that from the ramps as well. Really cool views.

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Getting up close and personal with the aircraft is just part of the show-and-tell open house. There will be a helicopter, emergency vehicles and motorcycles.

“The planes will actually be on the ramp areas so people will be able to walk around where the planes drive on to give everyone a view that they won’t ever get any other time,” Love said. “We will also have our snow removal equipment out there so you can see how we clear the runways during the winter.”

Residents who have wings or wheels they want to include in the open house can still bring their ride out free of charge. Just register before 8:59 a.m. Saturday morning because after that all vehicle access will be closed for the safety of the families taking in the festivities.

Speaking of family fun, there will be food and drinks available so that everyone will have time to enjoy all there will be to offer. For adults, there will be alcohol.

For more information on the event or the airport, call the airport administration office at 307-686-1042 or visit