Man on drugs arrested after causing disturbance at elementary school

(County 17)

A Gillette man was arrested yesterday morning for using drugs after he was reported for “erratic behavior” at Sunflower Elementary School, local law enforcement officials said Thursday.

Campbell County Sheriff’s school resource officers responded to the school at 8:19 a.m., where staff reported a 34-year-old male was acting erratically on school property, Sheriff Scott Matheny said.

The suspect had come to the school prior to the report and staff allowed him to use the restroom and a phone, Matheny said, adding that they contacted law enforcement after the man began behaving erratically and was told to leave.

The male then reportedly left the office and began wandering in front of the school as students began arriving, per Matheny.

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Deputies and Gillette police officers located the male walking nearby on Dogwood Avenue. He displayed several signs of recent meth use including being fidgety, too hot, and had recent needle marks on his arms, Matheny said.

The male allegedly admitted to using a controlled substance approximately 4 days earlier and was taken into custody, Gillette Police Lt. Brent Wasson said.

He was also found to be on probation and his probation officer was contacted. Two shooter bottles of vodka were reportedly found in his pocket, Matheny said.

Deputies went into the school and inspected the restroom, but they did not find anything suspicious or out of place.