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Campbell County Public Library: The books not closed on 22 challenged publications

The Campbell County Public Library is currently reading through 22 formally-challenged books for content that are in the youth sections. (RJ Morgan/County 17)

It’s been a rollercoaster ride as of late for the Campbell County Public Library (CCPL) which has had its share of controversies the past couple of months. Now, its going to take a lot of reading to get caught up on the current issues.

Multiple visitors have challenged nearly two dozen books at the CCPL. It started as just a few and has now grown to a number that will take a little time to review and offer decisions.

Library director Terri Lesley on Friday said a month ago there were three formal complaints on reading material. Today, she said that number is holding steady at 22 books.

“I’ve been the director here for eight years,” she noted. “Receiving 22 challenge forms in a two-week time span is unheard of. I’ve researched this and haven’t been able to find an instance of this happening at a public library.”

Lesley invites anyone who has a problem with a book is more than welcome to file the paperwork to begin the process that is in place for this exact situation.

“It takes time, just know that,” she said. “For the ones we have been notified for reconsideration, it’s early in the process. The books in question have to be read, and then a decision is made. After that, an appeal can be made to me. If that is not enough, then the book is appealed to the library board.”

The library has 30 days to reply to a formal complaint. That’s when the process could require a little patience. The library staff member in charge of the collection has to read the book in its entirety along with any and all reviews of the publication.

Then, the complainant will receive a decision per their request for reconsideration. If that outcome is not to their liking, that’s when the appeals process begins with Lesley and then finally the library board.

Leslie said all the books in question are from the children and youth sections.

By the numbers

22 – books that have identified with formal complaints

0 – Decisions made on book reconsiderations

25 – Computers available at Gillette and Wright libraires which have internet access, printing availability and scanning capabilities

67 – Board games available at CCPL

28 – Days that early learning literacy kits from birth to age 8 can be checked out which included 3-5 books, a DVD, interactive toys, music CD and tips for parents

188,000 – Total books, DVDs and audio available at the Gillette and Wright libraries