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County Fair Ranch Rodeo Final Results

2021 Campbell County Fair Ranch Rodeo Calcutta winner Sarah Edwards with Champion Team Rourke Ranch and Calcutta winner Tomi Reno.

One of the annual Campbell County Fair’s most popular events is the Ranch Rodeo, where local cowboys and cowgirls from across a five-state region compete in events similar to everyday ranch tasks at Cam-Plex Morningside Park.

At stake are champion buckles, a winners’ purse, and additional money added… not to mention a year of bragging rights.

“This year’s stock and competition were incredible,” said Campbell County Fair Coordinator Liz Edwards Tuesday.

The 2021 Ranch Rodeo Champions are as follows.

Mutton Bustin Champion: Reese Crowley

Mini Bronc 10-11 Bareback Champion: Aidyn Garwood

Mini Bronc 12-13 Bareback Champion: Tyson Schmelzle

Mini Bronc 14-15 Bareback Champion: Pace Garrett

Mini Bronc 16-18 Bareback Champion: Dane Schiller

Mini Bronc 12-13 Saddle Bronc Champion: Aiden Lane Treetop (Not pictured)

Mini Bronc 14-15 Saddle Bronc Champion: Curtis Riesland

Mini Bronc 14-15 Saddle Bronc Champion: Colter Martin

Match Bronc Champion: Cheyenne Seymour

Calcutta Winner: Acord Quarter Horses (Not pictured)

Calcutta Winner: Sarah Edwards (Pictured above)

Calcutta Winner: Tomi Reno (Pictured above)

Champion Team: Rourke Ranch – Michael Rourke, Wayne Pollat, Kurt Kissack, and Trenton Mills (Pictured above)

Reserve Champion Team: First Northern Bank – Justin Holcomb, Paxton Mackey, Quinn Larson, and Cheyenne Seymour (Team not pictured)