Annual Youth Livestock Sale ‘Big Success’

A 4-H member leans down to pat her swine after selling it at the Youth Livestock Sale. (Photo: County 17 / Brooke Byelich)
A 4-H member leans down to pat her swine after selling it at the 2020 Youth Livestock Sale. (Photo: County 17 / Brooke Byelich)

The 2021 Youth Livestock Sale shattered last year’s sale numbers, setting a new record of more than $600,000 raised for local youth and nonprofits, the Campbell County Fair (CCF) announced Monday.

Animals produced by local 4-H and Future Farmers of America members were up for bid Sunday afternoon at the Cam-Plex Central Pavilion.

Businesses and citizens alike showed up at the sale to support hardworking kids, some keeping the animals and others making charitable donations to local nonprofits, according to CCF Manager Liz Edwards.

“We are always blown away by the level of support we receive from our community at the sale,” Edwards said in a statement, adding that the attendance was a pleasant surprise given the difficulties in the local economy.

This year, CCF announced, 261 lots were sold for a total of $609,619.45.

Beef claimed the top spot in terms of earnings with 49 lots selling for a total of $270, 104. The highest-selling cow was raised by Joel Klaassen, which sold for $11, 017

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Swine came in a close second with 130 lots selling for a total of $249,357. The highest-selling swine was raised by Shaya Beck.

Here’s a list of both the Grand Champions and the Reserve Champions:

  • Grand Champion Market Swine- Kamryn Percifield
  • Grand Champion Market Beef- Brodie Lesher
  • Grand Champion Market Lamb Kash Percifield
  • Grand Champion Market Poultry Meat Pen- Tori Beck
  • Grand Champion Market Rabbit Meat Pen- Rhett Adels
  • Grand Champion Market Goat- Korbin Styvar


  • Reserve Champion Market Swine- Kostner Percifield
  • Reserve Champion Market Beef- Blake Edwards
  • Reserve Champion Market Lamb- Kamryn Percifield
  • Reserve Champion Poultry Meat Pen- Tanner Clark
  • Reserve Champion Rabbit Meat Pen- Harmony Heying
  • Reserve Champion Market Goat- Kacy Bulkley

Here’s a complete list of the highest sales:

  • Beef- Joel Klaassen ($11,017.00)
  • Swine- Shaya Beck ($8,942)
  • Lamb- Kash Percifield ($4,055)
  • Goat- Korbin Styvar ($2,625)
  • Poultry- Nora Joslyn ($2,025)
  • Rabbit- Dalilah Sheehan ($1,025)