WGFD: Conservation stamp price increase starts July 1

The price of a conservation stamp will nearly double starting July 1, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The new price of a stamp will increase from the current $12.50 to $21.50 for both residents and non-residents, per WGFD, which will enable the department to invest more money in access opportunities for hunters and anglers.

Access for sportspeople through private lands was one of the top issues identified in a 2018 public outreach engagement process, eventually leading the topic to become a priority in the department’s 5-year strategic plan, according to the WGFD.

The price increase was supported by the Wyoming Legislature which passed House Bill 122.

The legislation helped pay for easements and other agreements associated with providing public access to federal and state lands for hunting and fishing previously inaccessible or difficult to access through private land, per WGFD.

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“This is about preserving and increasing our hunting opportunities for the hunting public—both residents and non-residents,” Rep. Cyrus Western (R-Sheridan), lead sponsor of the bill, said in a statement.

Approximately 85 percent of the revenue generated from conservation stamp sales will go towards access, per WGFD. The remaining 15 percent will be used for wildlife conservation efforts related to the transportation system for signage, crossings, passages, and fences.

Conservation stamps are required for hunters and anglers in addition to their licenses. They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be purchased either online or in person.

Any conservation stamp purchased prior to July 1 at the lower price will be valid through their expiration dates, per WGFD.