C17 Crime Clips for June 10

Here is a brief summary of all things crime that happened in and around Gillette yesterday, obtained through law enforcement reports from the Gillette Police Department (GPD) and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

Juvenile Problem, Wright Agriculture Complex, CCSO

Two vehicles were observed on security camera footage to have been doing cookies in the parking lot at the Wright Ag Complex, according to Lt. Paul Pownall. The report was called in on June 9 around 11:19 a.m. There are currently no suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

Theft, Cosner Road, CCSO

A 76-year-old male reported the theft of a $2,000 saddle from his property, Pownall said. The man suspects a former ranch hand is responsible and deputies are continuing their investigation.

Agency Assist, Jenne Trail Road, CCSO

Deputies assisted numerous other responding agencies following the crash of a semi-truck pulling a tanker about 15 miles south of Wright on Jenne Trail Road, per Pownall. The 36-year-old female driver of the semi from Casper was crushed in the cab of the semi. After being extricated from the cab by the Campbell County Fire Department, EMS from both Campbell County and Converse County tended to the woman indicating she had sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Life Flight soon arrived and transported the woman to the hospital for follow up. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time.

Fraud, Sage Hill Road, CCSO

A 64-year-old male contacted deputies after discovering his credit card had been fraudulently used to purchase athletic shoes.  Pownall indicated the Nike shoes, valued at $750, had been delivered to an address in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deputies contacted officials in Charlotte who will handle the investigation.

Suspicious Vehicle – S. Garner Lake Road – GPD

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At approximately 8:40 a.m. yesterday, a 54-year-old male employee of the Coop on S. Garner Lake Road reported a motorcycle parked in their lot with no license plates, according to Lt. Brent Wasson. Upon arrival, officers ran the VIN but no registration information was found. As they reviewed video, an unknown male was seen pushing the motorcycle into the parking lot around 11:30 p.m. June 8. The man parked the motorcycle, waited for about 30 minutes until another vehicle picked up and left the property. The investigation is ongoing.

Theft – Osborne Ave. – GPD

Pownall said a 43-year-old male call just before 9 a.m. yesterday to report eight of his lawn lights had been stolen from his yard around 1:43 a.m. yesterday. The man indicated that his video surveillance showed two males and two females in their early teens taking the lights, valued at $80, then heading northbound on Osborne. The investigation is ongoing.

Fraud – Alison Ave. – GPD

A 78-year-old female reported two charges on her bank account were fraudulent, per Pownall. She said the first charge was for $1100 and when she called the bank, they advised their records showed it was for a phone that the woman had authorized by phone, which she denied. The second incident was a $560 ATM withdrawal. Officers are continuing their investigation.

Burglary – Ptarmigan Ave. – GPD

A 36-year-old female called at about 11:30 a.m. yesterday to report her home had been broken into while she slept, Pownall said. The woman said someone had entered her home through the living room window, after removing the air conditioning unit, sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. June 9. She indicated multiple items were missing, many of which officers located in her vehicle. According to the report, the woman’s purse which has all three sets of vehicle keys, is still missing. The investigation is ongoing.

Destruction of Property – Lakeway Road – GPD

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A report was received around 12:15 p.m. yesterday afternoon regarding a 47-year-old man that had thrown a dinner plate at a 2007 Pontiac at Grease Barrel. The plate caused approximately $2,000 in damage to the hood of the vehicle, per Pownall. Officers contacted the man around mile marker 20 on Hwy 50. The man indicated he was trying to throw the plate into a nearby field. Officers arrested the man for destruction of property.

Domestic Violence, GPD

Officers contacted a 16-year-old male at approximately 9:30 p.m. yesterday, according to Pownall. The young man indicated he and his 40-year-old step-father had been in a physical altercation. He said his step-father came into his room and started yelling and he pushed his step-father to the ground. The mother came in and broke up the fight, after which the teen left the residence. Officers observed a small amount of blood on the teen’s nose and mouth. When officers spoke to the step-father, he agreed to spend the night in a hotel.

Theft from Auto, GPD

At 10:08 p.m. last night, a 42-year-old female contacted police to report a stolen laptop, Pownall said. She indicated the Dell laptop had been in a black backpack in her unlocked Chevy and suspects it disappeared sometime during the afternoon. Also included in the backpack were three prescription bottles containing Tramadol, Percocet and Lortab. The investigation is ongoing.

Destruction of Property, Warlow Drive, GPD

Just after midnight June 10, officers received a call from a 17-year-old female indicating both of her driver side tires had been cut, per Pownall. The teen said the car had been parked at the aquatic center carnival from 10:00 p.m. to midnight on June 9 and she noticed the problems after she left and was driving home. There are no suspects at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

REDDI, Warlow Drive, GPD

Pownall said that just after 1:30 this morning, they received a call about a 36-year-old woman operating a vehicle with two children in it and was intoxicated. Officers contacted the woman at Warlow and Gurley and detected a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage. They then discovered an open beer container in the vehicle. Officers conducted field sobriety tests and, based on the woman’s results, arrested her for DUI, expired registration and an open container.

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C17 Crime Clips strives to provide the most comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the public, however, some information will be withheld to protect the identities of the victims or to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.