C17 Crime Clips for June 8

Here is a brief summary of all things crime that happened in and around Gillette yesterday, obtained through law enforcement reports from the Gillette Police Department (GPD) and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

Family Fight, CCSO

A verbal altercation was reported Monday night between a 40-year-old woman and her 42-year-old husband, according to Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds. When the woman tried to leave the home with her three children, the husband apparently grabbed her arms and tried to get the car keys away from her resulting in an injury to her arm. Deputies on scene arrested the husband for domestic assault.

Drugs, CCSO

Around 2:46 a.m. this morning, deputies stopped a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am going 51 in a 45 mph zone. The 17-year-old male driver, who had two male passengers with him, was issued a written warning for speeding, Reynolds said. As deputies investigated further, it was found that the 16-year-old male passenger’s backpack contained approximately 7 grams of suspected marijuana, 1.5 grams of suspected THC wax and some drug paraphernalia. This suspect was issued a citation for possession and one for use then released to his father. The other passenger, a 17-year-old male, was also issued a citation for possession and released to his father. The driver, at the request of his stepmother, was allowed to drive home.

Destruction of Property, GPD

Three reports of egging and smeared cheese on windshields were received between 10:31 a.m. and 11:27 a.m. yesterday, per Lt. Kelly Alger. The first incident occurred in the 500 block of Ventura causing approximately $500 damage to a Ford Fusion. The second, in the 3200 block of Lonigan Circle, caused roughly $100 damage to a 2015 Chevy. The third was to a 2002 Dodge truck. The incidents are still under investigation.

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Theft, Bell Nob Golf Course, GPD

The golf superintendent, a 57-year-old male, reported that the bell for which the course is named was stolen sometime in the past two to three weeks. The bell is valued at $1,500. There are no suspects at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

Theft, Osborne, GPD

A 35-year-old male reported that while he was away on a camping trip between June 5 and 6, an unknown party stole a yellow rental scuba tank from the back seat of his 2019 GMC pickup causing approximately, $1,000 in damage to the back door speaker in the process, Alger said. The value of the tank is unknown. The man suspected it may have been one of his former roommates, but when officers spoke to the 26-year-old female, she denied knowing anything about it. The other roommate, a 23-year-old male, has not yet been contacted. The investigation is ongoing.

Destruction of Property, City Pool, GPD

Two 12-year-old males were reported to have been arguing while at the pool, according to Alger. The verbal argument escalated when one of the boys broke the others goggles, valued at $15. In retaliation, the victim broke the glasses of the first boy, valued at $300. Parents of both boys were reached and they agreed to handle the discipline and damages between themselves.

Assault, Area 59, GPD

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A 36-year-old female reported that her 11-year-old daughter suffered a cut hand while at summer camp at Area 59, Alger said. Apparently the daughter was working with another 12-year-old female who was pressing a glass or sharp plastic piece to the victim’s hand. When the younger girl pulled her hand away, she got cut. The victim was taken to the hospital and received stitches. The suspect and her 41-year-old mother indicated it was an accident. The investigation is ongoing.

Breach of Peace and Theft, Wyoming Center/Cam-Plex, GPD

In what appear to be related, two incidents were reported happening late yesterday evening at the Wyoming Center, Alger said. The breach of peace was reported first by a 24-year-old male stating when he went out to his vehicle to put his belongings away, he was approached by a suspect who hit the victim with his fist. A 30-year-old male and 39-year-old female gave officers the same account. In another account, seven to nine members of a football team surrounded the victim. A 36-year-old male reported that the victim initiated the incident when he approached another 24-year-old male, stating that the entire incident was verbal in nature. Due to the conflicting stories, the breach of peace is still under investigation.

The second incident was reported approximately 25 minutes after the first when a 22-year-old male reported a $400 St. Christopher necklace was taken from his bag between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. last evening. Additional thefts were reported by a 25-year-old male whose iPhone 12S Max, valued at $1,000, went missing and a 36-year-old male had a $200 pair of AirPods and $200 cash go missing. This investigation is also continuing.



C17 Crime Clips strives to provide the most comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the public, however, some information will be withheld to protect the identities of the victims or to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.