CCH to take over ambulance services in Newcastle, Weston County

Two EMS personnel help a victim into the ambulance
CCH EMS personnel assist an "injured victim" into an ambulance during a 2020 exercise

Campbell County Health (CCH) will extend their emergency medical transportation services to include Weston County this summer following their $1.2 million purchase of the Newcastle Ambulance Service (NAS), the health organization announced Friday.

The purchase was approved by the CCH Board of Trustees during their most recent monthly meeting on May 27 and includes the acquisition of all four NAS ambulances in addition to all existing NAS inventory and equipment, according to a May 28 CCH press release

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff at CCH will assume operations this summer on July 1. Existing NAS staff will be transitioned to positions within CCH and will be required to adopt the CCH 24-hour shift model, per the release.

The goal of the purchase was to build on the service offered by NAS to offer a higher level of care to Newcastle and beyond, said Misty Robertson, CCH chief nursing officer.

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It will ensure patients picked up in the Newcastle community by EMS crews will be afforded the highest level of care authorized by an EMS provider in the State of Wyoming, added Christopher Beltz, CCHS EMS director.

“The upgraded 24-hour service will provide critical care transports to other care centers, giving similar care and interventions as patients receive in the Emergency Department or ICU while in the ambulance,” Beltz said in a statement.

CCH will continue to partner with local businesses for services needed in Newcastle, the release states, and will look to support the local community by supporting events, school functions, and more.

“We look forward to continuing the relationship with the City of Newcastle, Weston County, and Custer County, South Dakota, to sustain these services for their community members,” Robertson said.