Possible shots-fired investigation ongoing on Enterprise Ave

(County 17)

A reckless endangering investigation is underway regarding isolated reports of gunfire in northeast Gillette late last night, Campbell County Sheriff Scott Matheny said Thursday.

The alleged gunfire occurred shortly before midnight on May 19 in the area of Enterprise Avenue, Matheny said and was reported to the Gillette Police Department by a local resident who said his wife had been shot below her kneecap.

Neither party was identified at the time of the report, but the man reported multiple gunshots had pelted their property from the east, possibly from a nearby trucking company or trailer court, per Matheny.

The male said that he had been in his home and his wife had been in the yard when the shots rang out, impacting vehicles and their home, and rushed outside to see a pickup truck and small car turn around together in a nearby lot.

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He was not able to provide any more identifying information about the vehicles or their occupants, Matheny said, adding that responding deputies did not locate any bullet holes or shell casings in the area.

A manager of Wyoming Casing also responded to the scene and did not find any damage to his business, though he did advise that he would return in daylight hours for a second look.

Deputies were granted permission to check on the wife and found that she had a moderate bruise on her kneecap approximately an inch and a half in diameter. Emergency medical services (EMS) evaluated the injury, found there was no penetrative trauma, and did not transport her to the hospital.

No other residents reported hearing anything that sounded like gunfire, Matheny said, adding that the investigation is ongoing and a more complete report will be completed in the coming days.