Retraction: Unsolicited Sheridan email mistaken as fake

An email reported by a Sheridan resident claiming to have received a phishing attempt from the Beverly Hill Rejuvenation Center was not a scam, CyberWyoming announced earlier this week.

The email, though unsolicited and poorly written, was not properly fact-checked by an intern and was mistaken for a scam in the May 3 edition of the Hacker’s Brief, a publication that seeks to educate residents on current circulating scam attempts, according to Laura Baker, executive director of the nonprofit organization CyberWyoming Alliance.

A Sheridan resident reported the email as a scam because it was generic and was only addressed to the resident’s first initial, Baker continued, adding that the resident had not asked for information about the company and the offer was aggressive.

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The signature line looked very generic with no logo or branding, she said.

The organization has taken steps to ensure similar incidents do not happen in the future, per Baker, who said in a press release that this one has created a great learning experience for her staff to take extra time to research reported scams.

“The CyberWyoming Alliance” regrets this case of mistaken information and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center,” Baker said in a statement.