Marriages: Week of April 25, 2021

Public Info: Marriages | Congratulations to our new couples from Wilkerson Law Group

Congratulations to these couples who recently received marriage licenses from the Campbell County Clerk.

Woody Burnel Kline (Gillette) and Michelle Leigh Bowes (Gillette)

Jordon Ryan Borrego (Gillette) and Autumn Faye Floyd (Gillette)

James Vincent Childers (Gillette) and Abagail Rose White (Gillette)

Trevor Austin Gudgel (Gillette) and Lorinda Rae Reynolds (Gillette)

Alixandor Gene Chafee (Rozet) and Samantha Ann Benjamin (Gillette)



Divorces for the week of April 25, 2021 can be found here.

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