WHP joins nation’s biggest commercial carrier blitz

(Photo: courtesy of Wyoming Highway Patrol Facebook page)

The Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) will participate in a nationwide commercial carrier law enforcement blitz this week, the agency announced Wednesday.

This will be the biggest commercial carrier blitz to date, according to a release from the WHP.

Increased enforcement will begin Tuesday and continue through Thursday, according to a May 3 WHP press release, and will focus on hours of service and lighting violations, both of which were identified as being problematic during the International Roadcheck last year.

Hours of service (HOS), according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), refers to the maximum amount of time drivers are allowed to remain on duty, how many breaks they need to take, and how long those breaks should be to ensure commercial drivers remain awake and alert.

During last year’s effort, HOS violations reportedly accounted for nearly 35 percent of all driver out-of-service conditions, per the WHP, and commercial drivers operating with inoperable lamps, such as broken turn signals and brake lights, accounted for 12 percent of all vehicle violations.

Truck drivers hauling COVID-19 vaccine shipments will not be held up for inspection unless there’s a major safety violation, the release stated.