WDH warns of scam in light of recent data breach

Fraudulent calls from individuals claiming to represent the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) pertaining to a recent data breach are circulating, the agency warned Friday.

Earlier this week, the WDH advised that laboratory test data for 164,000 Wyoming residents and hundreds of others from Colorado, had been compromised. The information reportedly contained COVID-19 and influenza test data and was uploaded mistakenly by a WDH employee to private and public database storage on GitHub.com.

The agency announced on April 30 that several reports have filtered in of residents receiving calls from scammers falsely claiming to represent the WDH.

“They are calling about the breach and then ask the individuals they’ve reached for insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other financial information,” said Jerri Hendricks with the WDH office of privacy, security, and contracts. “In some instances, it seems they have been able to make it appear as if the calls are coming from state government phone numbers.”

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The WDH advises that no representative will request insurance information, including Medicaid and Medicare, or other personal financial information.

“No one representing the department will call you about the breach unless they are returning a call you made to us first,” Hendricks said.

During the data breach, affected files did not contain social security numbers, banking or financial information, or health insurance information, the department stated.

The WDH has established a special communication line dedicated to the data breach at 1(833) 847-5916.