Pet of the Week: Zonk

Zonk is available for adoption at the City/County Animal Shelter.

Meet Zonk

Zonk is a young male domestic shorthair kitty. He came to the City/County Animal Shelter as a stray but is very friendly and outgoing, according to shelter staff, who describe him as “one cool dude.”

Unlike most cats, who have 18 toes – five toes on each of their front feet, and four on the back – Zonk has 17 toes after having one removed upon arrival at the shelter.

“We noticed he had a sort of abscess on one of his feet,” a shelter staffer said. “So, we had him checked out and ended up needing a toe amputated.”

Following his toe surgery, Zonk recovered at a foster home. He’s now doing great and ready for his forever home.

His missing toe does not slow him down in the slightest, the staffer said.

To learn more about Zonk, contact the City/County Animal Shelter.

For more adoptable pets, visit their Petfinder page.

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