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City looks to help non-profits fundraise poolside again this summer

The city is looking to partner with local non-profit organizations to run its concession stand at the City Pool this summer, according to a recent City of Gillette press release.

Interested non-profits who meet the eligibility criteria, have a solid plan of action and pay a $10 fee can operate the concession stand for one week intervals, said City Communications Manager Geno Palazzari Wednesday via email.

“They get to keep any profits that they make,” Palazzari said, noting multiple slots are available.

In the past, participating non-profits have included the Gillette Hockey Association, Girl Scouts, Campbell County 4-H and the First Church of the Nazarene, among others.

“The Girl Scouts made over $3,000 in profit in 2019,” Palazzari said.

Last year, no profits were made, he noted, as the concession stand was closed due to the pandemic.

Vending machines were offered instead, Palazzari said. However, those machines will not be available again this year as the stand will re-open.

Non-profits can apply prior to 3 p.m. on April 1, per the release. But Palazzari said Wednesday afternoon that the application date will likely be extended by about a week or so.

“When will the pool open?” he wrote, jokingly. “We shoot for Memorial Day weekend which could be 80s and sunny or snowing. ????”