Divorces: Week of March 14

Public Info: Divorces brought to you with the support of Wilkerson Law Group

Divorces were granted to the following parties by Campbell County courts.

Michael Todd Dickinson and Tami Edith Dickinson (FKA: Van Vleet)

Brandon Lyle Fullenwider and Ashley Rae Fullenwider (FKA: Kent)

Royce John Gardner and Micayla Lynn Gardner (FKA: Howland)

Michael Carl Schlipp, Sr. and Rena Schlipp (FKA: Harrison)

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Ryan Jesse Darr and Suzanne Grace Darr (FKA: Gaugel)

Joseph Felix Larralde, Jr. and Raelene Marie Larralde

Thomas Ray Jackman and Heather Suzanne Jackman (FKA: Stickney)

Dale A. Nelson and Cassandra Prosence Nelson

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James A. Hart, Jr. and Laci Kay Hart (FKA: Schmalz)

Christopher Markus Davenport and Mindy Lynn Davenport (FKA: Suchor)

Travis Dean Hurm and Valerie Hurm Bright

Timothy Shaun Kottraba and Ashlee Anne Kottraba

Information obtained weekly from the Campbell County Clerk of District Court.