Where the Winds Blew the Hardest in Wyoming

Wyoming Wind Sock
Wyoming Wind Sock (Photo: Cowboy State Daily)

By Cowboy State Daily
(this story originally appeared on Cowboy State Daily)

There are places in Wyoming that lifelong residents would have never heard of except for the wind.

These unknown places — which few people can place on a map — are known for one thing: the wind.

The wind puts these places on the map.

Ask the average person in Wyoming where Pumpkin Vine is.

The only time it makes the news is when the wind is blowing at hurricane force conditions or close to it.

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Pumpkin Vine is barely worth mentioning today as it didn’t get close to the top wind speed — at all — as it only clocked a gust of 60 mph. For Pumpkin Vine, that’s calm. That’s boring. That’s stagnant.

The gold medal for wind on Monday goes to Arlington, Wyoming. This town is an overachiever as it regularly comes to the top of the list for windy locations.

It’s the Tom Brady of wind.

Today’s top wind speed?  91 mph.

So almost a Category 2.

Although it was windy today, if no locations in Wyoming reach Category 3 status, it can’t be called something out of the ordinary. It’s just breezy.

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If it’s Category 3, we should stop and salute. That’s because the wind is between 111 – 129.  Today, not even 100. So quit your complaining.

Here’s the top 10 for Monday.

NW Arlington: 91 mph
NW Natural Fort: 89 mph
Chief Joseph Highway: 88 mph
Cody: 84 mph
Bordeaux: 79 mph
Red Canyon South Pass: 75 mph
Sherws (whatever that is): 74 mph
Federal: 73 mph
Park County Sheriff Office: 73 mph
Another NW Arlington: 71 mph



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