Campbell County Health Updates Visiting Policy

Campbell County Health hospital building exterior with logo

Campbell County Health (CCH) is updating their visitation policies according to a press release dated February 18. The reason for these changes is due to:

  • The knowledge that having friends and family help with healthcare is an important part of overall wellbeing
  • A decrease in community COVID-19 cases in the community and state

New visit/support person policies for Inpatients*, Outpatients*, Surgery and Emergency Department include:

  • Up to two visits/support persons per patient at one time
  • Visitor/support persons who leave the facility must be screened upon their return
  • Visitors/support persons must follow all PPE, hand washing and social distancing guidelines or they will be asked to leave
  • No visitors/support persons under age 16 are allowed
  • Visits to COVID-19 patients are restricted to end-of-life situations only

*Some departments or areas are restricted to one visitor/support person per patient, based on waiting room size or for therapeutic reasons. Screening staff have been trained on these exceptions. Patients and visitors should call the clinic or department if they have questions prior to their appointment or visit.

The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center is still requiring visits to be scheduled, according to the same press release.

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All visitors/support persons who meet the above criteria must wear a face mask that completely covers their nose and mouth at all times. The changes in visiting policies are a response to the current situation and subject to change as needed.

CCH is encouraging everyone to reduce their risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus by staying home when sick, frequent handwashing, wearing a mask when in public and maintaining social distancing of at least six feet.

Information on visiting polices is available at