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Juvenile Services to Oversee All Juvenile Programs

Juvenile Probation Director Jim Lyon addresses the Campbell County Board of Commissioner's Tuesday

The Juvenile Diversion Program will now be under the supervision of the newly dubbed Campbell County Juvenile Services Department following unanimous approval Tuesday morning from the Board of County Commissioners.  

The decision officially goes into effect Feb. 21, removing the diversion program out from under the auspices of the Campbell County Attorney’s Office.  

When it takes effect, the decision will officially rebrand Campbell County Juvenile Probation under the Campbell County Juvenile Services Department, a move intended to lessen any potential confusion on behalf of the public, according to Jim Lyon, director of Juvenile Probation.  

Extensive coordination efforts already exist between the diversion office and probation, Lyon told the commission, which makes the move very logical in his opinion.  

“We share a lot of kids with each other,” Lyon said, adding that most of the community service work organized for juveniles through probation is done on behalf of the diversion program.  

This comes after a year-and-a-half long discussion after Lyon was approached by then newly appointed Campbell County Commission Administrative Director Carol Seeger regarding efficiency within the juvenile services division.  

The motion was finalized earlier this year on Feb. 4, following a meeting between Seeger, Lyon, and Campbell County Attorney Mitch Damsky regarding the transfer, according to a letter sent to the commission Feb. 16.  

Campbell County Commissioner DG Reardon agreed with and supported the measure, advising during the commission’s regular meeting Feb. 16 that the proposal makes perfect sense to him.  

Reardon’s stance was echoed by Campbell County Commissioner Colleen Faber.  

When the motion takes effect, the Juvenile Service Department will oversee all juvenile service to include probation, drug treatment court, and diversion, according to the letter.