Recent CCH Data Breach Affects 900 Patients

The personal health information of 900 patients was compromised as the result of a data breach at Campbell County Health (CCH) in early February, according to a release posted on their site Monday morning.

The breach was the result of an email sent to a single individual within the CCH system that contained an unintended attachment with names, account numbers, and types of insurance, per the release.

The breach was discovered within one hour on Feb. 5, at which point CCH officials immediately contacted the email recipient, who permanently deleted the attachment from their email and all other devices. It’s not clear in which department the recipient works.

CCH said they believe that any potential harm resulting from the breach has been mitigated, per their statement, and all 900 individuals affected have been contacted.

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This latest data breach follows a ransomware attack at CCH on Sept. 20, 2019, that disabled hospital systems, shutting down more than 1,500 computers and preventing access to patient information.

According to Becker’s Health IT, CCH received a $1 million insurance settlement in the ransomware attack that cost the hospital around $1.5 million and spent more than two months restoring its systems and recovering technology infrastructure, per the report.

CCH has taken all appropriate steps to investigate this recent breach, the release stated, including reporting to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and following internal policies and protocols. Moreover, CCH said it will be implementing process changes throughout the organization based on the outcome of the investigation, which will include requiring CCH employees to attend additional education and training in protecting personal health information.

“We take our role of safeguarding our patient’s personal information and using it in an appropriate manner very seriously,” CCH CEO Colleen Heeter stated in the release. “Campbell County Health apologizes for any concern this situation has caused our patients, is doing everything we can to rectify it, and ensure that it will not happen again.”