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Hacker’s Brief

Hacker's Brief

Hacker's Brief

This week’s Hacker’s Brief from CyberWyoming is sponsored by Campco Federal Credit Union.

Donna Louise McInnes Just Won’t Give Up Scamming: A Laramie citizen continues to get emails from donnamcinneslousie@gmail.com, quoting scripture and asking for help for charity. CyberWyoming says this is very likely a money laundering scam as she sends these about every two to three weeks.

New Fax Received Scam: A Boulder, Wyoming, citizen reported receiving an email from info@digital-island.co.uk, which was spoofed as her company’s name. The subject line was “Progress Payment Request for [company name]” and it went on to say that a new fax, in PDF form attached to the email, was received for the citizen.This has been seen in various forms by two Wyoming companies, according to CyberWyoing, who warns citizens to beware of emails in general saying you have a fax or voice mail to check.

Chase Account Disabled Scam Alert: A Laramie citizen reported an email supposedly from Chase saying that her online banking had been disabled. The email was from info@commoditiesplus.com and the subject line was “[New Report Statement Alert]: Notice from Chase about double transaction…”

Microsoft Email Update Scam Alert: A Cheyenne citizen reported an email from padrestan@outlook.com spoofed as “Email Service” with the subject line of “Microsoft Email Update!” The attachment was flagged as malicious by Google.

Your Opinion is Needed for COVID-19 Vaccine Research Scam: A Laramie citizen reported a fake vaccine survey from llbcuh@jwwbongo.ofa spoofed as “Covid-19 Vaccine” with the subject line of “[Your name], your vaccine survey-23261.” The email has excellent graphics and looks very official. Do not click on the links, per CyberWyoming.

Extortion Email Scam:  A Boulder resident reported an extortion email containing the subject line of her company name, saying that her browser history had been hacked and compromising information would be released unless she paid a ransom. A file was attached to the email addressed from Anna Junker at ratifierdorbi02@yahoo.com.

Email Naming Known Wyoming Association Alert: A Laramie citizen reported three sales or phishing emails with the subject lines of “Inbound call center service? Wyoming Banker’s Association,” “Wyoming Banker\’s Association – Wanting to get in touch,”  and “Wyoming Banker\’s Association – Getting in touch.” Because a known organization was mentioned, the citizen wanted others to know that these are quite likely a scam. The emails were from cashsimard876@gmail.com, larsoonwellsong455@gmail.com, and mackyrose7905@gmail.com and were all supposedly from Amiasa Telecom, ConnexaWay, and InnaCall, respectively. This same type of scam was also reported on Jan. 25, but the scammer claimed to be from Telebiz International.

Fake Caller Notification:  The fake caller notification email that was reported by a Sheridan citizen last week has also been spotted in Maryland by a CyberUSA affiliate.  The email claims to be a call that you need to review. The email is from info@a-wan.jp and the subject line is a “message from [Name]”.  Do not click on any links.

Newsletter@teckntech.com is at it again: Wyoming citizens previously reported newsletter@getjitech.com as a scam email, yet it is occurring again. The following scam themes from this email address were as follows.

  • Quicken loans urging Americans to switch to a 15-year fixed, calculate your new house payment
  • Free quote to save on health insurance from ObamaCare Health (doesn’t exist)
  • Order confirmation successful from Chase
  • Quicken loans urging you to recalculate your mortgage balance
  • Vivint smart home offer of free installation with purchase

Two new emails seem to be in the mix as the citizen also reported, first, newsletter@styleinto.com with the following scam themes:

  • TruGreen lawn care free quote
  • Liberty University online programs where 87% are awarded financial aid
  • PayPal order confirmation
  • Nonspecific company offering affordable auto insurance

Second, the citizen reported newsletter@guidenhub.com with the following scam themes. (Note that this group of scammers seems to have upped their game and are more convincing.) Two of these are impersonating a new consumer reports website called Cracsip:

  • Cracsip – application rejected for a credit card, read more about your credit score
  • Cracsip – Facebook important notification about content, posts and videos
  • Important information about your social security spousal benefits

MS-ISAC Patch Now Alert: The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) has published a patch now (update your software) alert for Google’s Android operating system and Chrome browser, Apple products (tvOS, watchOS, iPadOS, iOS, and Xcode), Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Firefox ESR browser, Cisco’s VPN Routers, SolarWinds’ Orion and ServU-FtP products, and Sonic Wall’s Secure Mobile Access product. If you use these products, make sure the software (or firmware) updated.


If you want to report a phone, email or text scam and let your friends and neighbors know about it, forward it, or send a description of the scam, to phishing@cyberwyoming.org.

Other ways to report a scam:
·       Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker
·       File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
·       Report your scam to the FBI
·       Report unwanted calls to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registration or call 1 (888) 382-1222, and select Option 3
·       Office of the Inspector General


Information provided by CyberWyoming Alliance, a 501c3 nonprofit affiliate of CyberWyoming.