Opinion: In Defense of Liz Cheney

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This is in rebuttal to Shelly Horn’s piece regarding a recall on Liz Cheney. I totally disagree with her and find it shameful and disgusting. Liz Cheney followed the law and the proper thing to do to keep the country strong. Cheney stood up to corruption, lies, and the total lack of respect for the laws of the land.

It seems Ms. Horn lacks respect for law and order. I do believe that is what true Republicans like Cheney stand for. However, this new group called Trumpism is nothing more than a cult run amuck. Folks who have no respect for the law and think nothing of making constant threats to anyone that doesn’t agree with Trump. They think nothing of ruining a business, a career, or even threatening a life. I, for one, am sick and tired of it.

Ms. Horn does not know Trump. Nor does she realize the damage she is doing to not only Ms. Cheney, but to the country. Trump along with his father, constantly discriminated against blacks renting his apartments in Queens. He is a man, who has cheated on all of his wives. He is a man who has been heard saying he is more sexually attracted to his daughter than his wife Melania.

In a 1999 interview with NBC, he is heard saying, “I am very prochoice.” He is even for partial birth abortion. He ripped off numerous Americans with Trump University and had to settle with a class action lawsuit.

He ripped off other Americans with the Trump Foundation. He has had numerous bankruptcy cases. He never paid any of the electricians, plumbers or carpenters that built the Taj Mahal. After all of these years, these folks are still trying to get paid. Trump’s own sister calls him a big liar.

His good friend was Jeffrey Epstein the pedophile. Another good friend of his was in the Mafia. He has a history of promising to make donations only to never pay up. He has a history of charging products and services only to stiff the small business man when the bill came due.

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When he said, “I grab em by the p.” That should have been enough. But no, this king of conmen wormed his way into the highest, most dignified office in our country, only to degrade it and make us a joke across the globe.

Now, Liz Cheney, on the other hand, took the high road. She knows the laws. She stood up to a pathological liar and stood her ground. I commend her. That took courage. Far more courage than constantly Tweeting lies out to the public. Then, sadly, those lies were lapped up like a cat drinking milk.

I suggest if you are on social media, fact-check what you are reading, because a ton of lies and propaganda still exist.

I feel it is dangerous to continue to support this ex-president and even more dangerous to punish those doing the right thing.

Are we that far gone, that we don’t recognize right from wrong? Ms. Horn does not even recognize that her actions weaken this country and embarrass it.

Our true enemies see us as weak, due to people like Ms. Horn. And I say, shame on Ms. Horn for punishing a true patriot who did her best to keep this country strong.

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On 9/11 we came together as a nation. That is when we were great. I miss that country. I miss those Americans.

United we stand. Divided we fall. And sadly, people like Ms. Horn are hastening us to fall.

By Ann Morrison, Gillette


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