TBHS Highest 2020 Graduation Rate in CCSD, Top Percentage for State

Thunder Basin High School (TBHS) led Campbell County in terms of graduation in 2020 and was one of 34 Wyoming high schools to report a graduation rate higher than 90%, according to the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE).  

Graduation rates are based on the number of students expected to graduate “on-time” within four years of entering the ninth grade, according to WDE statistical reports 

For the class of 2020, TBHS reported a 92.9% graduation rate; meaning that 247 out of 266 students graduated on time.  

Only a fraction of the 90 Wyoming high schools included in the reports could boast a graduation rate higher than 90%. Of those schools, TBHS was number 24 in the state, according to the WDE reports.  

Campbell County High School (CCHS) reported an 85.3% graduation rate for the class of 2020. Of the 231 students expected to graduate on time, 197 of them did so, per WDE.  

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For 2020, CCHS was ranked 48th in the state in terms of students graduating on time.  

Wright Junior and Senior High School was number 56 in the state, reporting an 82.5% graduation rate with 33 out of the 40 students expected to graduate on time in 2020 doing so, according to the WDE reports. 

Westwood High School had a 68.3% graduation rate for the class of 2020, per WDE, meaning that 82 out 120 students graduated on time and was 74th in the state. 

District-wide, the Campbell County School District (CCSD) showed an increase in its average graduation rate, which climbed from 81.9% in 2013 to 84.3% in 2020, according to the reports.  

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CCSD, in terms of district graduation rates, was number 31 out of the 48 school districts included in the WDE reports.  

Statewide, graduation rates for the class of 2020 showed a near 5 percent increase from the class of 2013, reportedly the seventh consecutive year that graduation rates have increased in the state, according to a WDE release.  

Jillian Balow, state superintendent of public instruction, attributed the increase in graduation rates to an existing partnership between the WDE and Wyoming school districts, the goal being to ensure every student can succeed in their academic endeavors.  

“That it is our seventh consecutive year for an increase demonstrates that our plans, our partnerships, are working,” Balow said in a Jan. 26 statement.