Three Businesses Fail Recent Alcohol Compliance Checks

Police Lights
Police Lights

Three local businesses that serve alcohol failed the most recent round of compliance checks resulting in citations, Gillette police said Tuesday morning.

Employees at TLC Liquor, the Montgomery Bar, and Las Margaritas failed to check the identification of underage adults cooperating with Gillette Police Department (GPD) detectives and served them alcohol, according to GPD Detective Sgt. Eric Dearcorn.

Out those employees, a 67-year-old male and a 33-year-old male were both cited for failing to check the identification of an underage individual, according to GPD Corporal Dan Stroup.

All three of those businesses passed a recheck in late December, Dearcorn said.

Compliance checks are conducted twice a year and are carried out by GPD detectives. During these checks, adults under the age of 21 are enlisted to help and are sent into establishments to see if they can purchase alcohol, according to Dearcorn.

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He said that the number of failures seen in the most recent round were not a big deal, and that it’s common for around three businesses to fail these biannual alcohol compliance checks.

Individual employees are on the hook for ensuring underage individuals are not served alcohol, but there could be repercussions for the business as well, Stroup said.

The fine for serving minors fluctuates from zero up to $750, depending on what the judge decides.

If there are too many infractions at a business, it could affect their ability to renew their liquor license through the Gillette City Council, Stroup continued.