Mold Concerns in Yogurt Prompt Nationwide Recall  

Lavva yogurt. Approved for use. CC.
Lavva is proactively recalling its blueberry plant-based yogurt with a Feb. 21 expiration date.

Worry over mold has prompted the parent company of Lavva brand yogurt to initiate a recall of at least one lot of blueberry yogurt, according to a Jan. 11 statement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The lot in question is the company’s 5.3-ounce containers of blueberry plant-based yogurt with a Feb. 21 expiration date. The product is sold in plastic containers with foil lids and was produced at a manufacturing facility in Norwich, New York, which thus far has only been linked to the single date code, the company stated in the recall notice. 

Lavva yogurt is carried by Kroger, Whole Foods Market and local natural food stores among other retail outlets across the country.  

 Although the single lot of implicated blueberry yogurt “cleared strict quality assurance protocols, recent testing indicates a potential mold contamination,” per the FDA recall statement. 

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At the time of publication, no confirmed illnesses had been reported in Campbell County or elsewhere, though anyone who has purchased the product is urged not to eat it and can return it for a full refund, according to the recall notice.  

Consumers with questions about the product or recall can contact the company at or (833) 885-2882.