Gillette Hockey Association Teams Now the Grizzlies

Gillette Grizzlies Logo

The Gillette Grizzlies is the new name for the Gillette Hockey Association’s (GHA) teams. The group’s teams previously went as the Gillette Wild and have teams with players through age 18.

According to GHA president Ry Muzzarelli, the change in colors was because when GHA was originally formed there was only one high school in Gillette. With the addition of Thunder Basin High School, GHA now has students from both high schools.

“We wanted to change our logo to differentiate the youth program from the Junior team.  Sharing the same name has caused fundraising issues in the past. To a business owner not familiar with hockey, a ‘Junior Team’, sounds like a youth organization, so we were told by some companies that they had already donated to the youth organization when in fact they had donated to the Junior team.”

The Junior team will continue to be known as the Gillette Wild.

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The Grizzlies have six graduating seniors this year that will be honored at 7:30 p.m. before their game against Park County on Jan. 9. Unfortunately for local fans, there are not any remaining home games this season.

The team has an impressive record with eight wins, one tie, and no losses.

Join us in recognizing the Grizzlies’ graduating seniors, all of whom are from Thunder Basin High School.