Chicken Vote Delayed Until January

A proposed amendment that would allow residents to house chickens in city limits will not appear before the Gillette City Council until January.

The amendment, which would allow for up to five chickens in most areas within city limits, was landlocked by the City Planning Commission Tuesday, following a motion by Planning Commissioner Jessica Seders to table the measure until Jan. 12.

The amendment, if approved, would allow residents to house chickens in the highlighted areas, which is most areas within city limits.

The delay would give the commission more time to gather public opinion regarding the pros and cons of allowing chickens in city limits before submitting final recommendations to the Gillette City Council, according to Seders.

The decision followed the submission of over 30 public comments that were read aloud to the commission. Most of the comments were in favor of chickens, noting their ability to provide residents with a stable food supply, efficient pest control, and potential family pets.

Only seven comments were against chickens, citing noise and smell concerns, potential difficulties reigning in cats and dogs that could chase chickens, and chickens running amok outside of their owner’s yards.

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The City Planning Commission voted unanimously to table the measure until their next meeting.

Similar proposals to allow chickens in city limits have been suggested to the city council several times over the past decade, according to City of Gillette Communications Director Geno Palazzari.

But this proposal, assuming it makes it past the City Planning Commission next month, would mark the first time the city council has indicated that it would be open to discussing the matter as an official part of the city agenda, Palazzari said.

Several Wyoming cities, including Casper, Laramie and Cheyenne have adopted ordinances allowing residents to keep chickens, among other animals, in city limits, according to the Wyoming Liberty Group.