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Campbell County 4-H’ers Score Big at 2020 Western FCS Show

Baylie Soesbe, 14 models her Ready-to-Wear Buymanship outfit at the Style Show Wednesday.

Baylie Soesbe, 14 models her Ready-to-Wear Buymanship outfit at the Style Show Wednesday.

More than 175 contestants from Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana competed in the 58th Annual Western Family and Consumer Science Show and Western Junior Livestock Show at the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City. The competition consisted of various life skill contests for 4-H youth and adults, including bread baking, meat identification, family life photo, scrapbook pages, home living, place setting, fashion revue both sewn and purchased, public presentation, ingredient measuring, family and consumer sciences judging, produce identification and judging and a family and consumer sciences skill-a-thon.

Here are the winners from Campbell County:


  • Hayden Pierce: Produce


  • Garrett Davis: Home Living, red; Photo, blue; Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, red
  • Haylee Nickols: Measuring, purple; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Hayke Nickols: Produce, blue
  • Aubrey Shepherd: Measuring, purple; Produce, blue; FCS Judging, purple


  • Bailee Behnke: Produce, white; Skill-A-Thon, red; FCS Judging, blue
  • Kylie Davies: Scrapbook, blue; Presentations, Blue; Dress Revue, purple; Dress Revue, purple; Home Living, red; Photo, red; Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, purple
  • Brodie Lesher: Produce, white; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Rylee Lesher: Produce, white; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Jake Nickols: Produce, blue; Meat ID, purple
  • Scott Shepherd: Produce, white; FCS Judging, red
  • Baylie Soesbe: Home Living, red; Produce, white
  • Daisy Soesbe: Dress Revue, purple; Home Living, blue; Produce, red; Skill-A-Thon, red
  • Carson Wheeler: FCS Judging, white


  • Corbin Behnke: Produce, red; FCS Judging, red
  • Jett Rieb: FCS Judging, white


  • Diana Behnke: Produce, red; Skill-A-Thon, blue; FCS Judging
  • Meghan Davies: Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Kim Fry: Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, purple
  • Kim Johnson: Produce, red; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Malcala Johnson: Produce, red
  • Rick Johnson: Top Adult in Produce, purple; Skill-A-Thon, red
  • Ellen Lesher: Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Carrie Nichols: Produce, blue
  • Celeste Robinson: Produce, red; Skill-A-Thon, blue
  • Kelsey Shepherd: Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, red; FCS Judging
  • Bobby Shoshcan: Produce, blue
  • Samantha Soesbe: Produce, blue; Skill-A-Thon, red