Weekly Crime Report

Weekly Crime Report
Weekly Crime Report

The Gillette Police Department (GPD) and Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) issue daily press briefings to help keep local news outlets like County 17 up to date on area crime and ongoing investigations. In addition to our daily Bookings feature, we’re now releasing a weekly crime report to help keep you – our readers, Gillette and Campbell County residents – informed of relevant police activity in our community.

Here’s our heavily editorialized and not always entirely funny, potentially offensive run-down of the recent crimes and ongoing investigations in Campbell County, courtesy of daily briefings with GPD and CCSO. For those who prefer straight reporting over sarcasm and cheeky humor, check out our daily blotter.

No patience
Unlike many who fear going to the doctor, a 49-year-old man was cited Thursday for criminal trespass after failing to make an appointment before showing up at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. Apparently, he’d been warned on multiple occasions that appointments were required but did not heed notice. He was trespassed from the premises and it’s unclear whether he actually had an ailment or a fetish for white coats and hospital gowns (those exist…we think).

Young Drugs
Note to self #7,948: When doing drugs, do not fight in public where everyone can see you. That bit of wisdom was lost on an 18-year-old guy and his 17-year-old female friend after they got into a fight in a parking lot on South Douglas Highway just after 3:30 p.m. (broad daylight) Thursday. Someone had called police with an anonymous report that the two were in a physical altercation. When asked by police, however, they denied it, while consenting to a search of their pockets. The man had a meth pipe with trace amounts of meth residue and THC wax. The female, meanwhile, had a vaping device with THC wax. The man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance while the female was cited for possession of marijuana before being released to enjoy the rest of her day in peace with no boyfriend around to scream at her.

Friday morning happy hour gone wrong
One Gillette man was arrested this week after failing a field sobriety test at 8:30 in the morning. Reports say that the man had done a bit of drinking the night before and responsibly decided to leave his vehicle at the bar to hitch a ride home. A few hours later, though, the sun came up and the man assumed that he’d regained sober status…he had not. Rather, officers caught up with the man outside of his apartment building, asked him to recite the inverted A,B,C’s, made him hop around on one foot and then took him to the big house for driving drunk.

Let me in
Creeper alert! A woman came home to find pry marks on her door with a few splatters and smears of somebody’s blood indicating that a person with no mechanical skills or muscles had attempted to break into her residence. She reported the incident to police having no idea who would have done something like this, and an investigation has since been opened.

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Taking no crap
A 41-year-old Gillette man took out his anger Friday on a dog waste box at Fox Park on Gordon Street. Unlike everyone else in America, he apparently was offended by people cleaning up after their dogs or maybe wanted the spoils of their treasure. Who knows? Either way, the city’s out $275 and maybe he’ll be the one cleaning up the crap.

Invisible perpetrator
Police were confused when a 23-year-old male reported that a 37-year-old guy had attacked him at a local bar. Mostly because witnesses say the older guy wasn’t even there that night. Were they lying or is the young man delusional? If so, was he still trying to fight back? Were punches thrown? Only video surveillance can tell the tale.

Blotto blackout
A 38-year-old man defied gravity Saturday morning after he was found passed out while standing up outside of the Mustang Motel just after 5 a.m. When awakened by police, he was surprised to find himself standing there. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, but he did notice blood pouring out of his right foot. With a blood alcohol level of .35%, he was arrested for public intoxication and likely woke up down town for a second time having no idea where he was or how he got there.

Hit and done
Early Saturday morning just before 4 a.m., a 52-year-old man said he’d been hit by a dark-colored diesel pickup at the intersection of Church and 6th Streets. He reported having pain in his left leg, right arm and lower back. Officers were unable to locate a suspect vehicle and there was no word on why the man was walking around so early to begin with.

Thanks for the ride, jerk
A 15-year-old teen was awarded with several punches to the face Saturday night after giving a super drunk 35-year-old guy a ride to pick up more liquor. As thanks, he was left with multiple lacerations on his face and the older guy was arrested for child abuse.

Cone heads
Someone walked off with 10 traffic candles near the intersection of Echeta and Newton Roads. Why someone might want 10 traffic candles remains a mystery though perhaps they want to block their own roads off or wear them as hats. Either way, Black Cat Construction is out about $1,000, and the investigation remains ongoing.

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Turning on yourself
A 41-year-old woman called the police on herself and her 59-year-old male companion after she reported being threatened by him. Apparently, the two were acting crazy enough to prompt officers to search the house. Guess what? They found drugs. Multiple used syringes, 39 grams of meth and 3.1. grams of marijuana earned the two arrests for possession of a controlled substance.

Purple rain
A purple CD case caught one criminal’s eye, no doubt a Prince fan, prompting them to break the window of a car on Clarion Drive Wednesday. The 28-year-old female owner of said car reported an estimated damage of $450 in exchange for a $20 case.

What the ?
In a crime with more questions than answers, a woman at a residence on Teton Circle reported hearing a noise coming from her son’s bedroom at 7:27 p.m. Tuesday evening. When she went to investigate, a 42-year-old woman walked out of the room and through the front door. The woman stated that she saw the window and screen were damaged in the room and believed that to be her entry point. Later, a neighbor reported hearing a knock on their door and found multiple items belonging to the 42-year-old female. When the female returned, she was arrested for destruction of property and criminal entry. We have no idea what just happened here but it’s weird.

Why some criminals end up in jail
A black minivan was pulled over this week for having a broken tail light. Inside the vehicle, officers located a 31-year-old man with an outstanding Campbell County warrant. As if this weren’t enough, the van reeked of marijuana and a syringe was casually hanging out of the side pocket of his passenger door…maybe he’s diabetic? Upon a search, officers found 1.5 grams of meth along with 1.5 grams of THC wax. The man was arrested for pretty much everything that had taken place during the traffic stop, oh yeah, and they gave him a no-insurance ticket.


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