Weekly Crime Report

The Gillette Police Department (GPD) and Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) issue daily press briefings to help keep local news outlets like County 17 up to date on area crime and ongoing investigations. In addition to our daily Bookings feature, we’re now releasing a weekly crime report to help keep you – our readers, Gillette and Campbell County residents – informed of relevant police activity in our community.

Here’s our heavily editorialized and not always entirely funny, potentially offensive run-down of the recent crimes and ongoing investigations in Campbell County, courtesy ofdaily briefings with GPD and CCSO. For those who prefer straight reporting over sarcasm and childish humor, check out our daily blotter.



Hot Dog
A 71-year-old Gillette man was taking a casual stroll with his dog on Stanley Avenue Thursday, when the two crossed paths with a drunk guy who screamed profanities at them, saying the dog should be on a leash. The drinking man was eventually cited for breach of peace while the dog got off scot free, walking away from the deal with no citations (or leash).


Nap Time
Just after 8 p.m. Friday, a 31-year-old woman ran her pickup through the security gate at Dry Fork Station while sleeping on top of her steering wheel. It may come as no surprise that she’d been drinking and was charged with DWUI, open container and criminal trespass. We’re hoping she’s okay.


Multiple Meths
On Friday morning, GPD officers made a stop at the National 9 Inn after receiving a report that someone had meth in their car. In the parking lot, they arrested a 29-year-old woman who indeed had trace amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana on her person. They later searched the hotel room that she and her crew had apparently turned into some kinda Crystal Meth Club House. For some strange reason, one of the gentlemen residing there had an active Campbell County warrant. Officers arrested the 31-year-old before finding more trace amounts of methamphetamine.


Another Day in “High” School
A 17-year-old Thunder Basin High School student was only 24 minutes away from being released from last period when he was called out of the classroom and cited for possession of a controlled substance and tobacco. GPD had received an anonymous tip that the kid had drugs in the car, and indeed, they unearthed the gram of THC wax and vape pen that were in his car.


Probing the Criminal Mind
A serial car keyer struck yet again Thursday night, this time hitting three vehicles at a home on Beaver Drive, causing about $2,000 worth of damage. Why might someone do this, you ask (we did?), and according to the internet (so you know it’s right), it’s all about jealousy. Jealous people are petty, the internet said, causing them to ruin things belonging to others. You’re welcome, GPD!

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Grow Up!
As if taken from a scene of a made-for-TV movie, a 54-year-old man pedaled along Prairieview Drive during dinner time Friday evening, chasing children on his bike while screaming obscenities. Luckily, a bystander intervened, knocking the man off his bike. The cyclist was arrested for public intoxication, and the children stole his bike (we hope).


Cussing in Concrete
A 17-year-old reported what may have been the crime of the century, which was committed by whom we suspect are the long-lost grandchildren of Bonnie and Clyde. An 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl were caught scribbling obscenities in wet concrete at Fox Park on Friday afternoon. Their implement of choice was not disclosed. When officers contacted the juvenile delinquents, the 11-year-old’s lips were sealed, but it didn’t matter because his little sister told them everything. It’s not clear if the two were later sent to bed with no dinner.


Hiding in Plain Sight
Note to self #7,948: when running from the law, make sure your body stays vertical. A 24-year-old with an outstanding Campbell County Warrant learned this lesson the hard way after he passed out at a table at Boot Hill Legendary Night Club and Sports Bar. He woke up in the clinker.


Girls, Girls, Girls!
When the clock strikes 2 a.m., nobody wants to put up with a loud drunk girl. Nobody. One 19-year-old proved this to be true when she caused such a disturbance that her own 26-year-old sister called the police late Friday night. When officers arrived, the drunk girl pushed her sister, causing minor injuries (broken nail and shattered cell phone screen, we’re thinking). Meanwhile, Little Miss Moonshine was arrested for domestic assault and minor in consumption.


Climate Denier
Another catalytic converter has gone missing in Gillette! This time, it was sawed off of a Chevy pickup in the Sleepy Hollow storage area. Apparently, (again, thank you, internet), there’s growing demand on the black market for these devices, which convert engine pollutants into less harmful emissions (you have President Ford to thank for that) and are extremely profitable for thieves because of their precious metals palladium, rhodium and platinum. Also, it’s hard to notice they’re missing until you start your car and your neighbors come out screaming. So, be on the lookout for this stealthy, noise pollutant!


Dating Don’ts
Imagine it’s a Saturday night and you’re on a first date with a 28-year-old guy, who suggests stopping by Walmart en route to the movies. There, he tries to steal $48.96 in merchandise without his date seeing (our money’s on Whoppers and Axe body spray) only to be busted by the security personnel. When questioned, the 29-year-old former first date said she had no idea what he was up to, and thus, was not charged. And….they did not live happily ever after.

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Delinquents on the Loose
Those damned teenagers are it again! This time, they shot out the back window of a vehicle on South Gillette Avenue. The damage is estimated at $400.


Dead Giveaway
A 31-year-old man failed to remain inconspicuous after stumbling along East Boxelder in broad daylight early Saturday evening. Police caught up with him at Subway, where he was easily detectable by the pool of urine around his feet.


On Saturday night, a man was arrested for a “concealed carry violation” in a bar. Or as we like to call it, “a revival of Wild-Western tradition.” The 51-year-old buckeroo was allegedly trying to fight other patrons (who we assume were yellow-bellied cowards) and was escorted out of the building before he dropped the handgun that he was illegally concealing. He was charged with intoxication because apparently the Montgomery Bar does not appreciate drunken John Wayne impersonators.


Girls Gone Wild
When officers found a 23-year-old female, who’d done a little too much drinking, inside of a car vomiting profusely, they decided to transfer her to the ER for evaluation. Her inebriated little sister, however, didn’t take too kindly to this and reportedly punched a paramedic in the face and refused to leave the ER. The younger sister was cited for battery and definitely needs to send that paramedic some flowers. What arrangement says “sorry about the black eye?”


Do As I Say, Not As I Do
A 39-year-old female and her 18-year-old son were cited at Walmart for attempting to steal $86.43 worth of merchandise. Man, that’s just sad.


Traffic Laws Matter
Just after 1 a.m. on Monday, two bros, 23 and 22, were arrested after breaking basic traffic laws within seeing-distance of deputy sheriff while carrying hard drugs in their car. The driver flipped a U-turn in the middle of the road, was pulled over and the deputy found less than 1/10 of a gram of liquid methamphetamine and some syringes while the boys took a trip to the big house.

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Krime at Karl’s
Karl’s Furniture Store is out $250 after they experienced what the store manager suspected to be an attempted burglary. There was no entry made to the store, but the door damage will definitely Kost Karl’s some Kash. (Okay, we’re done). Anyway, GPD says the investigation is ongoing, but you guys, seriously: what kind of muscle-head, tough-guy thought they were stealing a fridge when they couldn’t even break a door?


I See Dead People
One man found himself in a bit of an awkward position Monday afternoon after he ran into the Big D gas station yelling, “He’s got a gun!” When police arrived, he told them he was high on methamphetamine. Alright. The officers responded by placing him under arrest, transporting him to the Campbell County Detention Center, where he was hopefully able to sweat-out the shimmies.


Why Drunk People Should Not Try to Steal Cars
He almost got away with it…..and then he threw up. Right on the floor of the Nissan he had been trying to steal. Just after 6 p.m. Monday, a 36-year-old Oregon man reported his car had been stolen with his cell phone, wallet, and keys still in the vehicle. Just under three hours later, police found it parked on the ramp of I-90, near Garner Lake Road. Inside were the wallet, keys, and phone along with the lingering scent of vomit. There are no suspects at the time of reporting and the investigation is ongoing.


Irony on Aisle 10
A Gillette man was reported for shoplifting at Menards and allegedly stole $380 in merchandise. What did he steal, you ask? A security system. He was stealing a security system while being watched on surveillance. Police are still scanning the footage in this ongoing investigation, but officers can probably slim down their search to those who don’t believe in the Golden Rule.


Key Carrier
A 66-year-old male reported that an unknown person entered his mother’s house and stole a locked box full of keys. There was no forced entry, but logically speaking, forced entry won’t be necessary since the perpetrator’s got a bunch of keys. It’s unknown what the keys were for or if they belonged to anyone’s heart.


Testing the Teachers
This Just In: Generation Z is officially ranked “Least Pleasant Age Group Ever” and one local 16-year-old is showing us why. This turd cursed at so many TBHS staff members – staff members in a HIGH SCHOOL – that he was eventually cited for breach of peace Wednesday. That’s a whole bunch of expletives.

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Not so Sweet
Pour some sugar on me, but not in my gas tank. A 19-year-old male had $1500 worth of damages done to his 2001 pickup truck after an unknown person poured sugar in his gas tank and slashed one of his tires. There are no suspects at this time, but our money’s on a new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.


GPD Ghosted
This one spells D.R.A.M.A. after a 42-year-old woman reported that a man had sent her threatening messages on Facebook in violation of a protection order. However, that same man had reported earlier in the day that the woman was actually logging into his account and sending messages to herself in order to either blackmail or criminalize him. The man was able to provide officers with documentation supporting his claims. When officers confronted the woman with the evidence, she became uncooperative and refused to answer further questions. GPD continues their investigation while we continue wondering what the heck just happened here.


Mama Bear Bites Back
Officers responded to West Warlow Wednesday evening for a report of a disturbance. Apparantly, a 34-year-old woman had scratched her 13-year-old son while the two were arguing. A witness on hand said the kid was being disrespectful and had tried to hit her and grab her by the throat. Not so fast, said this mama bear, who retaliated by grabbing his throat.   No action was taken, and the two no doubt enjoyed a fine dinner.