Institutionally Insane


Teaser Tuesday – Sept. 22

‘Sup smarty pants, good to see you again. Oh, and by the way Happy Tuesday. This week’s teaser is sure to drive you absolutely nuts as we transport you to an insane asylum where you’ll be put to the ultimate test.

You can also check out last week’s “Protecter’s Problems” to finally get that ridiculous riddle off of your mind.


Your new puzzle:

Visiting an insane asylum, a woman asked the director what the criteria was for a patient to be institutionalized.

“Well,” the Director said, “we fill up a bathtub and then we offer the patient a spoon, a teacup and a bucket before asking them to empty the tub.”

“Oh, I see,” she responded. “So, a normal person would choose the bucket because it’s so much bigger than a spoon or a cup.”

Was the woman right or should she be locked up?


Answers for last week: 


If you didn’t find this test too tricky, drop your guesses in the comment section where we’ll let you know whether you’re a mad genius or just a complete psychopath!

Good luck and please be cool: stay off Google!

Source: Braingle – @easterbaby2003