The Protecter’s Problems


Teaser Tuesday – Sept. 15

Good morning, we’re glad you came back for another brag of brilliance, since it is Tuesday, after all. But don’t get too excited because this Teaser is humbling-ly hard.
Also, be sure to check out last week’s catastrophe caused by some “Conniving Clansmen.”


Your new puzzle:

I am a protector.
I sit on a bridge.
One person can see right through me, while others wonder what I hide.

What am I?



Answers for last week: 

All three of the men belong to the liar clan. Tor’s answer “yes” implies two possibilities. If Tor is a truth-teller, then his answer implies that Dor is also a truth-teller. If he was a liar, then his “yes” is an expected lie, and thus, so his response that Dor is a truth-teller. Either way, Tor and Dor belong to the same clan. Contrary to what Dor, himself says. From this, we deduce that he is a liar. So is Tor, also by deduction. We can now see that Gor lied when he implied that Dor is a truth-teller.

If you didn’t find this riddle to be too rigorous, go ahead and drop those answers in the comment section !

Good luck and please be cool: stay off Google!

Source: Braingle – @luvapurple