Weekly Crime Report

The Gillette Police Department and Campbell County Sheriff’s Office issue daily press briefings to help keep local news outlets like County 17 up to date on area crime and ongoing investigations. In addition to our daily Bookings feature, we’re now issuing a weekly crime report to help keep you – our readers, Gillette and Campbell County residents – informed of relevant police activity in our community.

Here’s a brief report of some of the recent crimes and ongoing investigations in Campbell County, courtesy of briefings with GPD and CCSO:


  • Last Thursday evening, a 28-year-old male told police that someone had thrown a brick through the window of his work truck while he was inside Wyoming Downs. Officers are reviewing surveillance video to find the culprit.


  • After finding a stray dog, a 22-year-old man decided to keep it and take it home. To Seattle. The 38-year-old owner of the missing 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier said the dog had gotten loose in the area of Oriva Hills when the man who was out walking and found it. When his family informed the man that photos of the missing dog were posted on Facebook, he said he liked it and planned to keep it. The man has since returned to Seattle with the dog, and law enforcement has not yet been able to contact him.


  • When police tried to wake up a 23-year-old man, who was found passed out face down in a yard on Grosventre Way, he riled enough to attempt to unsuccessfully dump a vile of suspected liquid methamphetamine, which is apparently hard to pull off when one is intoxicated. The man was arrested for intoxication and possession of a controlled substance.


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  • Several more shoplifters were cited at Walmart over the weekend, with varying amounts of attempted stolen merchandise from $50 to just under $200 (including $60 worth of K-Cups). The five caught ranged in ages from 29 to 47, including four women and one man.


  • Last Friday evening, a woman walked out of a residence in the 1700 block of S. Gillette Avenue to find her red 2009 Kia Sportage missing. The vehicle had been parked outside with the windows down and the keys in the ignition. Just about an hour later, a Gillette woman allowed a 57-year-old man to borrow her Chevy pickup for a couple hours to run errands, but he decided to keep it for longer. It’s unknown if either vehicle has been returned.


  • A 15-year-old girl was reported missing Saturday after being dropped off by her grandmother at  the Mustang Motel, where she and her mother were currently staying. She did not return home and has been entered into the NCIC database. No additional information about her whereabouts has been provided, but hopefully, she’s made it home.


  • Like a scene out of “Twilight Zone,” a woman reported seeing an unknown man in a mask and sunglasses enter a vacant apartment in her unnamed complex on Sunday morning just before 9 a.m. Nothing was reported damaged or missing, which makes sense since the apartment was empty. This head-scratching case remains under investigation.


  • Just under $200 in counterfeit $20 bills turned up at the Flying J Travel Plaza last Monday at some point between 1 – 9 p.m. Video surveillance tape is being reviewed as the counterfeit money cases continue to be investigated.


  • In a fraud case with more questions than answers, a 17-year-old female reported that she was contacted by “Sitter City,” a baby-sitting website, regarding her babysitting services. She was sent a check for $2,700 but was then asked to send some back in order to pay for a wheelchair. We have absolutely no idea how this all fits together.


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  • A 61-year-old Gillette woman was startled to find nearly $1,000 missing from her checking account. The withdrawal was made at an ATM in Monroe, Louisiana. The investigation is ongoing.


  • Last Tuesday evening, a 45-year-old male called police to report a 23-year-old male was in the home without permission to be there. The older man was housesitting for a friend and called police when he found the younger man loading up stolen firearms from the house into a Razor in the garage that also didn’t belong to him. The unauthorized visitor also unhooked a boat from a pickup that he’d also taken and was subsequently arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle and aggravated burglary. It’s not clear, what, if any, connection the man had to the family who owned the home.


  • A 38-year-old Campbell County resident called to report that he’d been cheated out of hay bales. He reportedly had sold eight bales of hay at $90 each to a man in his 60s. After the hay was delivered, the customer put a stop payment on the check. The case remains under investigation.


  • After sending nude pictures to a female, a 27-year-old male soon received a text message from the supposed female telling him that if he didn’t send her $300 immediately, she’d send the pics to his workplace and the newspaper, which we plan to feature in our new Sunday section (that was a joke! But on a serious note, don’t fall for this, people. It’s a scam no matter how real that Google voice sounds.) The phone number in question was out of Texas. The investigation remains ongoing.


Jennifer is a Wyoming transplant who can’t imagine living anywhere else. She comes to Outliers with more than a decade of community reporting experience from publications around the state. For story ideas and tips, contact Jen at jckocher@mcllc.net.