FFA, 4-H’ers Show Off CCF Projects

The Wyoming Center is typically packed full of vendors and shoppers during Campbell County Fair week, but this summer things look a bit different. This year, instead of a trade show, the sprawling concrete arena has been repurposed as a showroom for 4-H and FFA projects, including dazzling cakes, art and woodwork, quilts as well as some pretty unique, clever inventions and much more.

Below are some of these awesome projects.

Cake decorating:

Molly Oakley is a 12-year-old intermediate competitor who really outdid herself this year with her “Geode Cake,” which she told judges only took her about two-and-a-half hours to complete.

“It was like doing a puzzle trying to get all of the geodes to fit just right,” Oakley wrote on her submission card.


Twelve-year-old Hannah Walter was ambitious enough to submit two cakes this year, including a candle-inspired design as well as a round cake with pumpkins iced around the sides. She said that her main goal when making the candle cake was to “actually get it done by fair.” She did. And she learned some pretty cool new techniques in the process.


Along with achieving a goal, Walter said she learned a lesson about working with modeling chocolate.


Alexis Hoppe’s beach inspired designs caught the attention of judge Cathy Wilkinson, who said that Hoppe’s interview was to die for, winning her first place. Hoppe told the judges that she’d recently vacationed at a beach, where she noticed that “the sun looked like it was melting into the ocean.”

“A lot of people walk by and say, ‘Oh that’s the prettiest cake. It should have won’, but as a judge you see more than that,” Wilkinson said during an interview. “We know which kids put in the work, and we always take their interviews into account.”

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Art projects:

Annie Brandt’s hand-made sign caught the attention of the  judges. “Either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The effort is the same.” This earned Brandt a blue, first-place ribbon.


Makiah Johnson was the Grand Champion for the junior division. Judge Dakota Jones said that Johnson’s acrylic painting had all the elements of a winning submission: originality, effort and confidence.

“This girl did awesome,” Jones said. “She freehanded this entire picture, she came up with herself and during her interview she was so chill and relaxed that it was like it wasn’t a competition to her.”


Quinten Stansberry used the Campbell County Fair as an opportunity to thank his grandfather for his years of service in Vietnam, according to fair clerk Sydney Robinson. The 10-year-old’s picture features himself with his grandpa John.

He told the judges that he drew the picture for his grandpa, who was a Vietnam veteran, melting the judges’ hearts.



Kylie Davies’s goal for her 2020 Woodwork project was to commemorate her horse who passed away last February. Based on the blue ribbon she received for the project, it’s safe to say Davies achieved her goal.

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Jake Nichols not only managed to create a fun game that he and up to three other people can play, but he also learned how to use wood stain to create contrasting elements.

Nichols used different colored stains to build his own inverse-colored version of corn hole.


Kale Joslyn pretty much takes the CCF cake in the ingenuity department. The 9-year-old built a trailer that he can attach and pull with his bike.

The trailer was about three feet long and earned Joslyn a first-place ribbon for woodwork.



Patricia Hill took this photo of water in front of the sun, which she thought exemplified amazing color contrast between the blues and oranges. Apparently, the judges agreed because Hill’s photo is going to the Wyoming State Fair.

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The photography category had 121 participants this year, according to Celeste Robinson. 


Ally Marshall had a very busy Monday morning. After showing multiple dogs in the dog show before 9 a.m., Marshall completed an extensive interview with two judges before receiving several first and second place ribbons.

Marshall is a senior who is completing her last year as a member of 4-H and FFA this year.


Aspen Henry brought a close-up photo of a fence post before the photography judges who said they’d considered Henry’s photo for the State Fair.

Ultimately, Henry walked away with a first-place ribbon and a stunning country-themed picture.  


Sam Hudson made this purple quilt with help from her mother. The 11-year-old admitted that it took her “months!” to make.

Hudson’s favorite part of making the quilt was picking out fabrics that will complement each other, she said.


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Katie Hudson submitted this quilt, which required learning the “trip around the world” stitch in order to properly execute. The quilt earned a grand champion ribbon and immediate entry to the Wyoming State Fair.

Katie’s quilt will be judged at the Wyoming State Fair in Cheyenne between Aug, 11 – 15.


Tessa Burley is a 9-year-old who made this pink quilt to be fit for a princess.

Burley learned the basis of quilting from her 2020 CCF submission, according to the card attached to her project.