City Amends Handicapped Parking Violation Fine

Handicapped Parking
Handicapped Parking

If you park illegally in a handicapped parking space in Gillette, it will cost you more now.

The Gillette City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve amending the city code to revise parking fines and offenses.

City Attorney Anthony Reyes explained Thursday that the fine for parking in a handicapped space without an approved handicapped vehicle identification sticker was raised from a minimum of $25 up to $50 to $200, depending on the offense. Reyes said the change was made to bring the fines in Gillette more closely into alignment with other municipalities throughout the state.

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Per the city code, handicapped spaces must be marked with the international handicapped symbol, a picture of a wheelchair.

An individual wishing to acquire a handicapped vehicle identification sticker must apply to the State Department of Revenue and Taxation on forms available from the Gillette City Clerk.

The rest of the amendment is simply intended to more clearly define parking violations. No other fines were adjusted.