City of Gillette ‘Lights it up Green’ for National Safety Month

The Star of Honor in Gillette.

The Star of Honor in Gillette. 


City of Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King has designated the month of June as National Safety Month. To celebrate, The Star of Honor perched above Campbell County Public Health on Burma Avenue and clearly visible from the interstate, will be lit up green for the entire month, according to a June 3 release from the Wyoming Montana Safety Council (WMSC).

National Safety Month is an annual safety observance led by the National Safety Council and locally led by the WMSC.

The purpose of the mayor’s recent proclamation is to bring awareness to unintentional injuries, which have been increasing for decades and are now the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. In addition to costing our nation over $1,050 billion, as stated in the release, unintentional injuries including motor vehicle crashes, drowning, accidental firearm discharges, burns and more, can cause great suffering among individuals and their families.

“National Safety Month is a way to build awareness of everyday safety and (the) simple steps we can take to reduce or eliminate our risk of injury,” said Mayor Carter-King. “We should strive across the City of Gillette and in all facets of our community for zero-incidence of preventable injuries and deaths.”

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National Safety Month focuses on different aspects of traffic, work and home safety, the Mayor went on to say. “It offers important reminders for us all.”

This year, it will bring attention specifically to five safety and health issues that matter most to Wyomingites and those across nation including mental health, ergonomics, safety culture, safe driving, and Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER).

“National Safety Month is one of the ways in which we educate the public about their safety risks and behavior changes that can help protect them and those they care about,” said Amy Thomas, executive director of WMSC, noting that the added support of community leaders like Mayor Carter-King helps WMSC get the word out and make a difference to the residents of Gillette and Wyoming.

“We urge all Wyoming residents and employers to participate,” Thomas said.

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