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CCH Calls for PPE

CCH Asks Community for Face Masks

Can You Lend CCH a Helping Mask, Isolation Gown or Cap?

Social or physical distancing is the first measure in personal protection; however, when caring for sick patients, healthcare workers also need personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes face shields, isolation gowns, masks and caps that are in short supply across the U.S.

While Campbell County Health (CCH) is actively conserving PPE, we also know that the citizens of Campbell County have huge hearts and want to help. Therefore, we have partnered with numerous individuals and businesses in town for materials, supplies and support.

As many know, masks, isolation gowns, caps and other PPE is in short supply throughout the county and nation. Masks are one way to help medical professionals and healthcare providers reduce exposure. Some will be wearing the N95 respirator style mask, others will wear the PAPR hood-style gear while others wear the handiwork of our community. The cloth masks will also be used with patients and parents or guardians and support people. These masks will be sterilized and reprocessed for repeat use.

Regardless of the pattern used, all donations will be distributed for use.

CCH needs more masks from our community to help fill our PPE needs.

Can you help?

Please contact Ronda Boller at (307) 660-2895 with questions about the masks that are needed.

Lastly, please note that CCH asks that the community use the drop sites listed below and please do not bring homemade masks or PPE to Campbell County Memorial Hospital or Public Health.

PPE Drop Sites

General Guidelines

  • Please refrain from making anything if you or anyone in your household is ill with respiratory symptoms.
  • 100% tightly-woven cotton fabric is preferred; the fabric must be pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.
  • All fabric items will be laundered at very high temperatures and possibly bleached; therefore, lighter colors are best.

Follow the links for patterns that work well for CCH: surgical mask patternisolation gown pattern and universal cap pattern.

For information about 3D printed mask needs or fabric specifications, visit cchwyo.org.

For a sewing tutorial on how to make a face mask with filter pocket and adjustable wire, click here.

The Wyoming Department of Health provides COVID-19 case, variant, death, testing, hospital and vaccine data online. The department also shares information about how the data can be interpreted. COVID-19 safety recommendations are available from the CDC.


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