You Asked: We Answered

Below are responses to our readers’ questions about the coronavirus:

Q: Are residents required to be tested after traveling to and from coronavirus hot spots, both internationally and domestic?
No, there is no mandatory testing required in Campbell County at this time, according to Ivy Castleberry, public information officer for Campbell County Public Health (CCPH).

Q. Does CCPH offer coronavirus testing?
No. Currently, only health care providers and walk-in clinics are offering tests in Campbell County. Local providers and clinics require that you call before coming in to be tested, so they can take the appropriate precautions to prevent a potential carrier from infecting other patients and/or health care personnel.

Q. How much is the test, and is covered by insurance?
There is no fee for the test itself, according to the Wyoming Department of Health, though there may be a fee charged by the healthcare provider or clinic, and most insurance providers are waiving associated fees. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming released a statement saying that they will cover the cost of diagnostic tests for COVID-19 for all members who meet CDC guidelines for testing, and that member cost share for the COVID-19 test will also be waived. They will also cover medically necessary services and treatment for those diagnosed with COVID-19 based on the individual’s benefits.

Q. How long does it take to get test results?
Results take between 48-72 hours, per Castleberry. Tests are processed in the WDH lab in Cheyenne, though some large private labs have started providing testing services as well, with all results reported to WDH, who then share information directly with the press and county or city officials.

Q. Have there been any additional cases reported in Wyoming?
Not as of 2:30 p.m. Thursday. The only case in Wyoming thus far remains the Sheridan County adult female who tested positive Wednesday, as reported by County 17. No additional details on that case have been released, per WDH.

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Q. In the case of an outbreak within the county, what is the protocol for quarantine.
Depending on the circumstances, any type of quarantine will be up to the discretion of Campbell County Public Health Officer Dr. Kirtikumar Patel, per CCPH.

Q. How do I know when to call the doctor?
The primary symptoms of the virus include fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, Castleberry said, and symptoms might present anywhere between three days to three weeks depending on the age and health of that individual. “Every case is different,” Castleberry said, and right now, there are many unknowns regarding this virus.

Castleberry further stated that residents should remain calm and said that the county and city have been planning for occurrences such as a pandemic for years, and have a communications system in place to both convey information and care for patients and residents.

Further inquiries can be submitted to County 17 at any time or can be directed to CCPH at (307) 682-7275.

For more details about the disease from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).