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County 17 Weekly Job Opportunities list

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  • Team Up with the Best: Learn How at the Peabody Energy Career Fair

    May 4, 2021Team Up with the Best: Learn How at the Peabody Energy Career Fair
    Are you looking for a fulfilling career in a safety-oriented, collaborative environment? Start your journey at the career fair this Thursday and Friday, May 6 and 7, in the Pronghorn Room at the Gillette College Technical Education Center – and join our team of 6,600 global employees serving customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. We ...
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  • Climb Wyoming is There for Gillette Single Moms During Uncertain Times

    March 15, 2021Climb Wyoming is There for Gillette Single Moms During Uncertain Times
    One of the most critical ways Climb Wyoming helps Gillette families during these uncertain times is by creating a meaningful connection with single moms when they reach out for support. Climb always starts with a relationship – a real and ongoing conversation with each mom that lays the groundwork for future success and empowers her to ...
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  • CyberWyoming Offers New Tech Apprenticeships

    February 12, 2021CyberWyoming Offers New Tech Apprenticeships
    Like the rest of the nation, Wyoming has a shortage of technology professionals, according to In order to address that shortage, CyberWyoming was the first in the region to develop a technology apprenticeship program in 2019. Along with the State Office of Apprenticeship and the Department of Labor, two apprenticeship curricula were developed for the ...
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  • Sparks Fly at Local Welding School

    February 5, 2021Sparks Fly at Local Welding School
    The rows of paystubs on the bulletin board serve as a pretty good motivator, Tyler Sasse said. Some are from his early years as a welder, but most have been sent by former students who have since graduated from Western Welding Academy, the school he founded about a year-and-a-half ago. The paystubs range anywhere from $4,000 ...
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  • County Floats Plans for First, Multi-Million Dollar Industrial Area

    January 28, 2021County Floats Plans for First, Multi-Million Dollar Industrial Area
    The Campbell County Board of Commissioners is nearly ready to begin turning a 160-acre plot of land east of Gillette into the county’s first multimillion-dollar industrial park, a county official said Thursday. The Pronghorn Industrial Park, which the 160-acre plot of developed land could be named, will give coal-to-product companies a viable location to build their ...
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  • Making Her Own Way

    January 22, 2021Making Her Own Way
    At age 11, Calli Schill is already discovering an important lesson: if she makes her own money, she gets to spend it any way she’d like. Already, the sixth grader has bought her own phone, and is now saving for a tie-dye hoodie, and a giant-size Twix candy bar. First, however, she needs to earn it, ...
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  • Thinking Outside the Basin

    January 15, 2021Thinking Outside the Basin
    Two Gillette Guys Find Opportunity Out of Disruption The machine looks a lot like a miniature R2D2, according to Jason Harris and David “Moon” Mullins, and apparently sounds a lot like him, too. When it flies, it fits in the overhead compartment. Not quite own-seat status, but pretty darn close. Unlike the famed Star Wars figure, ...
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  • CCSD Putting Student Subs to Work

    December 7, 2020CCSD Putting Student Subs to Work
    Throughout Wyoming, school districts threaten to sink under the pressure of a growing substitute teacher shortage due to COVID-19. Campbell County, however, is managing to stay afloat, officials say. “I thought it was going to be very bad, but we’re managing well enough,” Larry Reznicek, Campbell County School District (CCSD) Human Resources Director, said Monday. This comes ...
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  • Wyoming’s Unemployment Improving, Study Says

    November 30, 2020Wyoming’s Unemployment Improving, Study Says
    Wyoming has one of the fastest recovery rates for weekly unemployment insurance claims in the U.S., according to a recent study from the personal finance website WalletHub. Despite the number of unemployment insurance claims increasing by 269 (40.63%) since January and nearly 70,000 (573.78%) since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyoming’s rates remain far below ...
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  • Now Hiring: Local Delivery Driver

    September 25, 2020Now Hiring: Local Delivery Driver
    Our local office in Gillette is seeking an experienced driver with either a Class A or Class B CDL and at least one year of experience. Hazmat can be obtained after offer. Clean driving record. Current medical card. Excellent Customer Service skills. Our drivers deliver gases and hard goods to customers on a daily route and ...
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