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County Rolls Out Atlas Explorer

Over the last few years, Campbell County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department has created more than 25 online applications aimed at making it easier for employees and the public to access valuable information such as zoning and voting districts. With Atlas Explorer, all those services are merged in a layered map easily accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Chief Surveyor and GIS Manager Tony Knievel told the Campbell County Commissioners today that Atlas Explorer is quickly becoming the go-to resource for county employees.

“They just go to this because it comes up quickly, they’re able to get all the information that they need and they can print exhibits for people who come in,” Knievel said.

The one-stop shop currently features 10 layers allowing users to choose exactly what they want to see.

All the county plats currently available in the clerk’s vault, over 2,000, are now available on Atlas Explorer, as are around 93,000 survey marker records. In other counties throughout Wyoming, residents have to pay for this information but Campbell County offers it for free.

Knievel said he personally used the new map to locate a marker while in the field recently.

“This map is dynamic, so whenever we get new information put it in there, it’s reflected [in Atlas Explorer] as soon as we get it,” Knievel told the commissioners.

He added that fluidity is another positive of building the application in-house in the GIS department. In the future, it could also reduce the amount of funds the County allocates for software.

The aerial map used as the background for Atlas Explorer is a 2017 image that’s twice the resolution of the previous image. More recent images are available elsewhere, but not in this high resolution.

Right now, the County has a direct link to the new, all-inclusive map on the front page of their website.