School District Employees Request Raises

Employees from the Campbell County School District appeared before the board of trustees at Tuesday night’s meeting to request a raise for the 2019-2020 school year. The school board is expected to make a decision on the two presentations from staff communicators representing certified staff and employee support personnel (ESP) at their next meeting.

Certified staff, such as teachers, are those staff members whose position requires a certificate, or necessary credentials to apply. Last year the teachers asked for and were granted a $500 increase to the base salary for beginning teachers, which was also added to all the steps in the salary schedule.

This year, teachers are requesting a $1,300 increase to the base, which would make the starting wage for teachers in Campbell County $49,300. If approved that same amount would be added to each step across the board.

ESP staff requested a 4 percent increase to the base pay.

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According to Human Resources Director Larry Reznicek, the number of teachers in the district is nearly even with the amount of support personnel at around 850 employees in each category.

In addition to the raise, both groups also requested that the school district continue to contribute .375 percent to the Wyoming Retirement System for employees.

Superintendent Alex Ayers said that laws passed during this year’s legislative session may impact the way the system is paid, requiring a larger portion from each employee. However, it’s unclear exactly what that will look like.