President’s Executive Orders Impact the Cowboy State

BNSF ES44Ac number 6217 and SD70ACe number 9090 are leading a coal train through S-curve in Powder River Basin, Colorado, U.S.A.

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders Wednesday, April 10, that could have major impacts on energy and environmental policy in the United States, and more directly on Wyoming.

“I am delighted President Trump issued his executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency to modernize guidance on the application of section 401 of the Clean Water Act,” Governor Mark Gordon said in a press release.  “I stand with governors across the land in asserting our states’ rights to access markets, foreign and domestic, as well as to protect the water, air, and environment of our respective states.”

The review is sorely needed, according to Gordon. He believes the Clean Water Act has been abused by some states to obstruct the industries and commerce of other states. Gordon said the legislation was originally intended to protect water quality and not be used as a political platform.

“We should focus on addressing climate change through advancements in carbon technology, as well as cooperating to improve technology across the spectrum of energy sources,” Gordon added.

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The governor and Wyoming U.S. Senators Barrasso and Enzi both agree the order will help open coal ports on the West Coast in a timely manner, allowing for the export of Wyoming coal to Asian markets.

“I appreciate that President Trump is looking to tear down or clarify unnecessary regulations that discourage healthy energy development that helps create jobs and strengthens our energy exports,” Sen. Mike Enzi said in a press release. “Projects like the Millennium Bulk Terminal in Washington would provide a boost not only for Wyoming’s coal mines, but for America’s economy as a whole.”

“My first order will speed up the process for approving vital infrastructure on our nation’s borders, such as oil pipelines, roads, and railways,” Trump said yesterday to a crowd gathered at the International Training and Education Center in Crosby, Texas. “My second order will modernize regulations for [liquefied natural gas] export terminals and encourage new infrastructure financing.  It will improve access for workers and operators to maintain electrical lines.”

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Both executive orders can be viewed in their entirety below:

Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth

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Issuance of Permits with Respect to Facilities and Land Transportation Crossings at the International Boundaries of the U.S.