School District Seeks Input on Concealed Carry at Schools

Should Campbell County School District staff be allowed to carry concealed firearms on school grounds and facilities? That’s the only question on the agenda for tonight’s public listening session.

The second of three public listening sessions will begin at 6 p.m., April 4, at the Campbell County School District’s Educational Services Center located at 1000 W. Eighth St.

At the first session in March, Deputy Superintendent Kirby Eisenhauer explained that there would not be a debate. The purpose of the listening sessions, he explained, was simply to gather input from the public as to whether or not the community would support concealed carry by district staff at schools throughout the district.

In March 2018, Uinta County School District #1 in Evanston became the first district in the state to act on Wyoming Statute 21-3-132. The legislation went into effect July 1, 2017.

During the recently completed legislative session, Senate File 75 strove to repeal gun-free zones around the state, putting any policy changes on hold.  With the bill’s failure, Campbell County School District once again moved forward with public comment on the issue.

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Throughout the process, the school board has agreed that they would only move forward to enact the policy and regulations the law allows for if there is broad support from district staff and the community for carrying concealed firearms on school grounds.

The third and final listening session is scheduled for Monday, April 15, also at 6 p.m. at the same location.