4th Graders Wanted in State, National Parks

(Photo Courtesy of Wyo Parks)

For three years, Wyo Parks has joined hands with state and federal partners to support and promote the annual “Every Kid in a Park” (EKIP) program, and this year’s no different.

Starting now, fourth graders across the nation are invited to secure their very own EKIP pass granting them and their family free admission to more than 2,000 federally managed lands including national forests, parks, monuments, wildlife refuges, and many more.

In addition to the federal program, Wyo Parks has announced that EKIP passes will be accepted through Aug. 31, allowing access through the program to Wyoming state parks, historic sites, and recreation areas.

The EKIP program is intended to overcome the national statistic that says 80 percent of American families live in cities and most children spend more time on electronics than exploring nature.

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By getting kids involved at a young age to their public lands, EKIP strives to deliver a nationwide call to action seeking the next generation of outdoor stewards of the nation’s federal lands and waters.

The program invites children of all backgrounds to discover their public lands and everything they have to offer.

Through the EKIP website, students can participate in a fun educational activity where they can create a personalized paper passes to print out at home.

The pass admits the student and any passengers in a private, non-commercial vehicle at per vehicle fee areas. The pass may also admit the pass-owner and up to three accompanying adults at sites that charge by the person.

Passes are only available to fourth grade students.