STEM Labs For Everyone

Superintendent Alex Ayers watches a Buffalo Ridge sixth-grader conduct an experiment using vinegar and baking soda. 

The Campbell County School District Board of Trustees took unanimous action at last night’s meeting, ensuring that every elementary school in the district will have access to their very own STEM lab.

At the school board meeting Feb. 12, the trustees approved six additional STEM labs for the district and encouraged the eight remaining elementary schools not yet outfitted with a lab to prepare presentations on what their school could do with a STEM lab.

Each school had 15 minutes to plead their case. Some came armed with video presentations and others brought students to demonstrate the steps their schools were already taking to incorporate STEM activities in their day-to-day schoolwork.

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In a demonstration of the problem-solving and collaboration techniques that STEM embodies, the district’s three smallest schools, Recluse, Little Powder, and 4J, came before the board as a unit. Each principal recognized that it’s not feasible to install a full, five-station STEM lab in each school.

4J Principal, and third- and fourth-grade teacher, Dave Hardesty told the school board the three administrators have already discussed how they could split up the resources in one shared lab.

After hearing presentations from each school, the school board took some time for discussion and announced that all the remaining elementary schools will now be outfitted with STEM labs for a total of six new labs.

Sixth grade students from Buffalo Ridge demonstrated some of the STEM Stations they presented to the entire school on STEAM Day in December.